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Of course, the Mt. Kilimanjaro :)

What climbers shared about Gaia Africana Travel

  • I've climbed with William (a.k.a "King William" I actually still don't know why) as a main guide through this company - and I have to say it was great. He was always helpful, had a great balance of talking to us and keeping quiet while on the trek, food was great, and his team (chef and porters) were kind and always looked happy even after their tough job with some heavy loads.

    Last day was tough. But when I reached the summit, I really felt rewarded after all the hard work. Thanks to Gaia Africana Travel and the team once again. When I do another route one day, it will be with you guys.

  • Although the main guide William gave us a lot of "push" on the summit day and I thought a bit more small rest was helpful, he did get all of us (we were a group of 4) to the top and I was very happy with the overall service. (William is a funny and cheering guy all the other days btw)

    It was my first time climbing any mountains, but I was really happy climbing with this team. Porters were helpful, and the chef provided us with great (and sometimes too much) food everyday. Hot lunch and dinner made us feel great. Thanks so much!

  • I had absolutely no issues and doubts climbing up with this tour operator. Our main guide King William gave us precise tips on avoiding high altitude sickness - and I was able to get to Stella Point without suffering any of this.

    For some reason I got very sick while descending. King William saw that I wasn’t in a good condition, and he immediately prepared a rescue car from the Horombo Hut and I climbed down one day earlier than schedule. This came to me all of a sudden and all of our schedule was changed, however, the tour operator’s van was waiting for me at the gate, the porters carried down all of my gears and loaded them in the van already, and I was able to get to my hotel super smooth without any issues.

    I really think they did a great job when I faced this issue. And because of that, I was able to enjoy this important experience and still finish on a good note. Thank you so much!

  • I climbed Marangu 6 Days with guide William. He was there in the briefing session prior the climb, and he made sure we had the right gears. The ones we didn’t have, he helped us rent the equipments at a great deal.
    During the climb, he always helped us walk at our own pace, and he paced ourselves really well on the summit day. He did great. William also knew a lot about the landscape and the vegetations in Kilimanjaro which to me was really interesting. One of my friend felt sick and had to go down immediately, but how he handled this trouble and got the rescue team was absolutely brilliant. We safely went down very smoothly.
    The manager Dionis was always on time, super-prepared, and we had a perfect operation team before and after the climb. His office was in Moshi, but he held his meetings at our requested places, so that was also really helpful.
    Oh yeah, can’t forget this. Dionis even prepared a surprise Champaign for us! Really, thanks for everything!

  • One of the best experiences of my life!...with long lasting memories and friendships that will stay with me forever! I had a double transplant in 2013, which means I come with complications and I had to do the climb with a team/company I was sure I could trust would be capable of dealing with whatever may be thrown at us. I got that...and more. These guys came strongly recommended by others who had already walked with them and advice that I will be eternally thankful for. They were super accommodating and very reasonably priced, bending over backwards to meet our every demand and create one the best trips ever! Even with my complications and request for a slightly different itinerary? They did it. I honestly cannot speak more highly of such a fab team...team Gaia Africana. X