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Mt. Kilimanjaro, Mt. Meru and Mt. Kenya

What climbers shared about Alesha Tours and Travel

  • I had an unforgettable experience. The guides were supporting us all the way up; the cook and porters were amazing. Everybody from my group made it to the top, couldn't have done it without the whole team! Asante sana!

  • Lol-behold!! My body, Mind and Soul miss the adventurous time i had with Alesha. Through their impeccably organized team- it was easy for me to explore and test my limits in different ways. I certainly will put myself through Alesha next time. Koszonom szepen!!

  • Hi.
    Me and my friend Robert are planing to climb Kilimanjaro in January 2018.
    We are flexible with time ( in January) so we can join bigger group.
    We are interested Machame route -7 days. ( or some other )
    We have some experience climbing Rocky Mountain Canada.
    We also want to take Safari trip - for few days.
    Can you send as more information how to make registration for this trip and what you can offer to us.


  • Hey tadeusz. I also am interested in climbing Kilimanjaro in January. I'll be headed to Tanzania for a couple weeks after new years in Dubai for a safari. If it works out well, I'd like to make a climb as well....preferably starting between the 4th and the 10th of January on the machame route and finishing no later than the 17th of January before I go to Zanzibar. I can do the safari first and then the climb or the other way around.