Ronaldo Bunzo Mvungi

My favorite climbs

To me on this side I would love to deliver the truth to my fellow reader of my personal experience in my loved professional job,, that I have been in to for good 17years now and I am in love with it forever in my whole life if God willing I am in a good healthy I will keep on climb ever I love hiking throughout the year. What means experience to me on Mount Kilimanjaro I have two points to mention out on what called experience. (1)In sure yourself that a every single information you do provide to your client's it is true and helpfully information for your client’s hiking trip or any tour they are in to, What I learned in all those years is to be honestly and positively to your client's . Client’s want to have the right answer weather it is positive or negative deliver the truth which will keep your face on your client's and good reputation for further future if you do think about your long runs future as we are different in goals. (2) Client's travel from different nationalities with different mindset or altitude, A experience and professional guide you have to cooperate with every client's in any situation you have to stay friendly in the whole hiking weather it is 8days 7 days or 6days on the mountain or safari there are very few days compare with bad reputation you may case for your own side company and our Nation'' you must understand that when you cause any bad experience with your client's does not affect you individual it brings bad reputation to others local Guide, local owned company by Tanzania and the name of our Country. Always keep your mind in the two issues I have mentioned in this page will always remind you’’ your responsibilities. To me this is my two points out I love to respect them for the guideline in leading my client's on the Mountain or Safari or even by arranging their tour via our company. Pay a bigger attention if you are guiding client’s on mount Kilimanjaro just because of means of income, but you don’t have passions and joyfully for this job run away from it immediately ‘’it will never fit in to you,,, you will always be a complainer with very bad reputation for yourself which will affect other Guides reputation that they are working with joyfully in loving what they are doing and income stay behind after what. I am in love with hiking all year round in any different weather I will be in to it and happy to lead my guest. Ronaldo Bunzo Mvungi. Overall mountain Guide and Founder of Amazing usambara trekking company limited. www.amazingusambaratrekking.com